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Client Solutions Specialist

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What do you like most about being part of O'Brien?

The company culture is one of my favorite aspects of O’Brien Wealth Partners. Everyone works collaboratively, and no task is below or above another. Each team member has a measurable impact on client interactions, improving and developing our business, and care for the world around us. It is not easy to find such kind, intelligent individuals whose accomplishments are recognized and appreciated.

Can you share one secret to success that has been helpful to you in your career?

Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has different challenges, resources, motivations and opportunities. Focus on your own path and move forward to achieve your goals.

If wealth management were an ocean, what kind of creature would you be?

In the vast ocean of wealth management, I would be a seahorse. Like the seahorse, I am able to adapt to clients ever changing financial situations, needs, and expectations allowing for a positive working relationship.
Seahorses also have what’s called “independent eyes” allowing one eye to remain focused on finding food while the other keeps a look out for nearby predators. As a Client Solutions Specialist, I keep an eye out for any setbacks to an efficient administrative process, while focusing on the clients’ overall experience.

What would your co-workers say is your superpower?

I am full of Zeal! I bring enthusiasm to the team and a positive outlook to any situation. My vibe is infectious to clients and team members alike! I love turning a frown upside down.

You're a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be?

Autumn Orange. Nature is all around us, and I love to take it in any chance I get, especially in autumn. The fresh crisp air, the ever changing colors of the leaves, and the bright sun reflecting on it all. If I had it my way we would have autumn all year round. Bring on the pumpkin spice!

Full Bio

Gabriella  joined O’Brien Wealth Partners in July  2019 as a Client  Solutions Specialist.   Gabriella previously worked at MFS as a Customer Service Representative.  Her years of experience in building client relationships helps support both our clients and advisors.

Gabriella holds a BS in Business and Administration from Salem State University.  She enjoys yoga, concerts, and keeping active at her gym.  Gabriella lives in Everett, MA with her husband.

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