Fed Can’t Agree on How to Keep Economy Humming

The economy is in great shape with a strong job market but the Federal Reserve can’t agree on a way to keep it that way. Read what Cindy Kuppens, a senior adviser at O’Brien Wealth Partners, has to say about it in this article by Larry Edelman.

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Financial infidelity: Why We Lie About Money and How to Solve the Problem

At its most basic level, financial infidelity is an outright lie about money or spending, but in terms of how toxic these things can be to a relationship, Jill Fopiano, CEO of O’Brien Wealth Partners and certified financial planner, says you have to look at the intent. Is it malicious?  Read more in this article by Jean Chatz.

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Tips for Crossing Items Off Your Back to School List

Financial Infidelity and Abuse

Jill talks about how to recognize and handle financial infidelity and offers strategies for financial strength and self-sufficiency in this article published on Thrive Global.

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Currents Fall 2019

In this issue of Currents, we discuss the difference between ETFs and Mutual Funds, discuss risk tolerance and asset allocation, widows and money, why we use the MSCI ACWI as our benchmark and more!

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O'Brien Wealth Partners Q2 Client Letter

Quarterly Client Letter – Q2 2019

Dear O’Brien Wealth Partners Investor, As we enter the second half of 2019 the same political uncertainties that have been haunting the market since mid-2018 continue to cast a shadow over business and investor confidence. A U.S. economic recession appears unlikely in the near term; however, business investment is slowing and global growth is showing

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Currents Spring 2019

In this issue of Currents you will find articles on Annuity Options and 1035 Exchanges, Capital Gains and Losses, Saving on Taxes with Charitable Contributions and RMDs and the Science and Art Behind Creating Your Investment Portfolio.

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O'Brien Wealth Partners Q1 Client Letter

Quarterly Client Letter – Q1 2019

Dear O’Brien Wealth Partners Investor, The first quarter of 2019 certainly showed us a more benevolent side of the market than we experienced in the fourth quarter of 2018, with almost all risk assets showing positive returns for the quarter. As we mentioned in our last quarterly letter, while over the long run a stock

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O'Brien Wealth Partners Q4 Client Letter

Quarterly Client Letter – Q4 2018

As we reflect back on 2018, we see it as a year of divergence in many respects. Most obviously, it marked the first year in many that the global stock markets almost universally delivered negative returns to investors. More subtly, this decline occurred despite the fact that economic fundamentals have not changed materially from 2017 and yet the experience for investors was much more somber this past year than last. This underscores the fact that we are long term investors for a reason.

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Currents Fall 2018

This issue of Currents contains an article on the history of market pullbacks, which will provide perspective on the current increased market volatility and the inevitable market corrections of the future. It also features an article on the ways in which the managers of our Sustainable Portfolio are making the world a better place by impacting the environmental, social and governmental practices of the companies in which they invest.

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