Holiday Budget Tips for the 2020 Season with Jill Fopiano

Jill Fopiano, President & CEO of O’Brien Wealth Partners is featured on NECN TV!

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Can You Invest for Profit and Purpose?

Many of our clients actively seek to make a difference in the causes they believe in through volunteering and charitable donations. In recent months, a growing number of O’Brien clients have asked how they can use their assets to effect change through investing.

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O'Brien Wealth Partners Q3 Client Letter

Quarterly Client Letter – Q3 2020

The whirlwind that is 2020 shows no sign of abating as we enter the final quarter of the year. Yet, despite significant uncertainty – and the market pullback in September – the markets delivered another period of strong performance during the third quarter with global stocks up 8%, the S&P 500 up 9% and bonds rising slightly as well. Since the market bottom in March, the S&P 500 has now risen almost 50%, global stocks almost 45% and the U.S. Aggregate Bond Index almost 7%. Stock markets are now positive for the year.

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Wall Street takes Trump’s COVID news in stride as investors assess impact on election, economy

Wall Street learned early Friday morning that President Trump and the first lady have tested positive for COVID-19.  CEO of O’Brien Wealth Partners, Jill Fopiano, shares her viewpoint on its effect on the economy and markets in this article by Larry Edelman.

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Why ‘markets have been resilient’ so far and how this week’s news could affect that, according to experts

Jill Fopiano shares her views on the next stimulus bill and the market rally in this article by Nancy Mann Jackson for

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O'Brien Wealth Partners Q2 Client Letter

Quarterly Client Letter – Q2 2020

It has been a tough year so far. Despite the S&P 500 experiencing its best quarter of performance in over 20 years, stocks are still down for the year and there is still a lot of unease in investors’ minds. Moreover, that unease now comes from sources beyond the still-to-be-resolved coronavirus outbreak. For one, the recovery in financial markets has vastly outpaced the recovery in the economy and labor markets. Social unrest, and reactions to that unrest, are rising as well.

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Diagnosing The Health Of Your Portfolio During This Period of Uncertainty

In addition to our personal health, the current state of the world has drawn our financial health to center stage. Prior to the current recession, we experienced the longest bull market in history. During such times, it’s easy to adopt the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, but that shouldn’t apply to your financial life.

Lis Zimmerman, Senior Advisor and Director of Financial Planning, talks about financial health and aligning your portfolio with your goals and life plan.

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How to Make Your Retirement Investments Reflect Your Values

To ensure your retirement investments are supporting activities that reflect your values, you need to do your research.  CEO Jill Fopiano shares her thoughts in this Forbes article.

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Why Wall Street has bounced back and Main Street hasn’t

CEO Jill Fopiano shares her thoughts about how clients are sticking with their investment plans even if they don’t feel great about the world right now in this article by Larry Edelman and Shirley Leung for The Boston Globe.

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