Diagnosing The Health Of Your Portfolio During This Period of Uncertainty

In addition to our personal health, the current state of the world has drawn our financial health to center stage. Prior to the current recession, we experienced the longest bull market in history. During such times, it’s easy to adopt the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, but that shouldn’t apply to your financial life.

Lis Zimmerman, Senior Advisor and Director of Financial Planning, talks about financial health and aligning your portfolio with your goals and life plan.

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How to Make Your Retirement Investments Reflect Your Values

To ensure your retirement investments are supporting activities that reflect your values, you need to do your research.  CEO Jill Fopiano shares her thoughts in this Forbes article.

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Why Wall Street has bounced back and Main Street hasn’t

CEO Jill Fopiano shares her thoughts about how clients are sticking with their investment plans even if they don’t feel great about the world right now in this article by Larry Edelman and Shirley Leung for The Boston Globe.

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Does the 4% Withdrawal Rule Still Apply?

“We have never felt that the standard 4% withdrawal rule was particularly relevant,” says Jill Fopiano, president and CEO at O’Brien Wealth Partners in Boston.

“Each person’s situation is unique in terms of their assets, income and expenses, never mind their life expectancy and goals,” she says. “Layer different market environments on top of this, and it’s overly simplistic to calculate one percentage that applies to everyone. You’re far better off having a cash flow plan that factors in your own specific information.”

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Here’s what to know about tapping your retirement savings if you lose your job due to coronavirus

“While it is usually best not to touch your retirement funds, the pandemic and its impact on jobs and the economy have really hurt some who don’t have a sufficient rainy day fund,” Jill Fopiano, CEO of Boston-based O’Brien Wealth Partners, tells CNBC Make It. “The current situation might justify tapping retirement savings as a last resort.”

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Hand-holding in the pandemic: Wealth managers grapple with new reality

During the early days of March, Jill Fopiano was having trouble sleeping, waking up at 3 o’clock in the morning, maybe 4 o’clock. She’d been watching news of a virus in China, first out the corner of her eye – was this like swine flu? – then more squarely, as headlines rushed in about outbreaks on the west coast of America. Fopiano wondered, in the darkness, if she should shut down her office in Boston’s upscale Back Bay neighborhood.

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O'Brien Wealth Partners Q1 Client Letter

Quarterly Client Letter – Q1 2020

Coronavirus. Social distancing. Containment. Pandemic. With hindsight it is remarkable that none of these words were part of our regular lexicon when 2020 began. So much has changed in such a short period that it feels almost impossible to summarize it – not only what happened last quarter, but also where we think may go from here – in just one investment letter. Nevertheless, we will give it our best shot.

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Welcome to your first bear market. Here’s what it means

The current bull market is the longest on record.  Millions of young investors have never known anything but a bull market.  Jill Fopiano, CEO of O’Brien Wealth Partners, shares her knowledge about bear markets.

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What to do if you can’t make your rent or mortgage payments because of the coronavirus pandemic

Millions of U.S. households are expected to face financial burdens in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In this CNBC article, O’Brien Wealth Partners CEO, Jill Fopiano, shares her advice.

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