O'Brien Wealth Partners Q3 Client Letter

Quarterly Client Letter – Q3 2018

Dear O’Brien Wealth Partners Investor, The third quarter marked the ten year anniversary of the Lehman Brother’s bankruptcy at the apex of the great financial crisis of 2008. As we continue to experience market growth, albeit more muted, it serves as a humbling reminder that ten short years ago many investors fled the markets as

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When Should I Start Taking Social Security?

Check out Jill’s advice for Social Security published in the Boston Globe!

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Commentary from Jill Fopiano

Achieving the Elusive Balance of Career, Family and Self

Published on Thrive Global: CEO/Single Mom Jill Fopiano Shares Her Secrets for Success

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Currents Summer 2018

In this issue of Currents you will read two articles devoted to issues around estate planning and protecting yourself and your loved ones.

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O'Brien Wealth Partners Q2 Client Letter

Quarterly Client Letter – Q2 2018

During the second quarter the threat of tariffs and a potential “trade war” stole center stage while simultaneously throwing cold water on an economy heated by the new tax bill and increased government spending.

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O'Brien Wealth Partners Women & Money Services

Cross Items Off Your Back To School List With These Tips

Need some help with that back to school budget? Check out Jill’s latest tips on NerdWallet.

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O'Brien Wealth Partners Women & Money Services

How To Talk Retirement With Your Spouse

Having trouble starting the conversation about retirement with your spouse? Check out Jill’s latest article published on Forbes.

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O'Brien Wealth Partners Q1 Client Letter

Quarterly Client Letter – Q1 2018

The market engaged in a lock step game of tug-of-war between the bulls and the bears in the first quarter as two powerful, diametrically opposed forces competed for supremacy.

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Sustainable Investing: Doing Well and Doing Good

We believe in nurturing the kind of financial wellbeing that promotes a more fulfilling life as a whole. That’s where sustainable investing comes in and why we have created our sustainable portfolio.

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